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  Feature Name: Concept mapping
Author: Beat Schwendimann

Category: Visualization Tools (pre-designed): Visual Explanations (2D+3D)

Subject: Life sciences

Kind: NA

 Elementary School
 Middle School
 High School
 Higher Education
 Teachers & Principals


Software URL: WISE 'Space colonies'

Created by: WISE (Beat Schwendimann)

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This Feature is connected to (12) Principles
  • Provide students with templates to help reasoning
  • Enable students to relate between micro and macro levels of phenomena
  • Visual representation of data collected by students
  • Build on student ideas
  • Scaffold the process of generating explanations
  • Promote productive interactions
  • Use multiple representations
  • Encourage reflection
  • Design prompts for planning and monitoring
  • Engage learners as critics
  • Integrate online with offline activities
  • Reuse student artifacts as resource for learning
    Feature in Visual Map
    Concept mapping activity helps students to visualize existing and missing connections between concepts.
    The Rationale Behind the Feature (Specific Design Principle):
    Concept maps are visual networks between concepts. In the WISE module Space colonies, students create a concept map by first placing concepts given in a list into one of three boxes which stand for three different levels (DNA, cell, organism/population). Then students connect the concepts with labeled arrows. This connects students ideas of causalities and kind of connection between concepts across different levels.