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  Feature Name: Modeling derivatives (in Visual Math)
Author: Editorial Board

Category: Visualization Tools (pre-designed), Visualization Tools (pre-designed): Models

Subject: Math & Geometry

Kind: Element/Applet

 Elementary School
 Middle School
 High School
 Higher Education
 Teachers & Principals


Software URL: Visual Math

Created by: Shternberg and Yerushalmy


This Feature is connected to (1) Principles
  • Enable manipulation of factors in models and simulation
    Feature in Visual Map
    The model allows comparison of two views; a function view at the top, and a derivative view at the bottom. Using a set of seven graphical icons, learners can build their own function. As they build and manipulate the function, they view how the derivative changes. This model can be used for student-initiated problems or as part of the activities in the Visual Math curriculum.
    The Rationale Behind the Feature (Specific Design Principle):
    To enable students develop a qualitative understanding of the relationship between a function and its derivative, even before they are taught the formality of mathematics, Shternberg and Yerushalmy (2002) have developed the function and derivative model as part of the Visual Math project.
    Shternberg, B. and Yerushalmy, M. (2003). Models of functions and models of situations: On design of a modeling based learning environment In H. M. Doerr & R. Lesh (eds.) Beyond constructivism: A model and modeling perspective on teaching, learning, and problem solving in mathematics education. pp. 479-500. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

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