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  Feature Name: A Simple Inheritance Model
Author: Tamar, Yaakov, Yael, Suki

Category: Visualization Tools (pre-designed): Models

Subject: Life sciences

Kind: Element/Applet

 Elementary School
 Middle School
 High School
 Higher Education
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Software URL: WISE:Genetics Simple Inheritance

Created by: Jeff Holmes

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This Feature is connected to (1) Principles
  • Enable manipulation of factors in models and simulation
    Feature in Visual Map
    This feature is an interactive model that shows students how alleles are contributed by parents to create different genotypes in their children. The student manipulates the model by clicking on the genes of each parent to modify them, then clicking on the Start button to generate the different possibilities for the offsprings genotypes. Users can reset the model with different parents alleles as often as they like.
    The Rationale Behind the Feature (Specific Design Principle):
    The rationale behind this model is to give the student instant feedback in order to understand better the phenomenon of genetic inheritance. The model also helps the student to better understand the relationship between alleles and inheritance and to gain a sense of the different ways of combining dominant and recessive alleles and their effects on the resulting offspring.
    Context of Use:
    This feature is part of a TELS project: Simple Inheritance (#12708)
    Field-based Evidence:
    Evidence about how this feature was accepted in class runs need to be added.

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