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  Feature Name: Examples of Inquiry
Author: Ollie Dreon

Category: Other

Subject: Others

Kind: Element/Applet

 Elementary School
 Middle School
 High School
 Higher Education
 Teachers & Principals


Software URL: Cases

Created by: University of Michigan Davis, Elizabeth

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This Feature is connected to (7) Principles
  • Build on student ideas
  • Provide teachers with supports for adaptation
  • Communicate the rich diversity of inquiry
  • Encourage learners to learn from others
  • Encourage reflection
  • Design prompts for planning and monitoring
  • Establish a generalized inquiry process
    Feature in Visual Map
    The images of inquiry library is a dynamic database that allows users to search by topic, grade level, teacher, or by features of inquiry. The database provides short narratives for teachers to see how inquiry was used for their selected fields.
    The Rationale Behind the Feature (Specific Design Principle):
    The images of inquiry library provides images of scientific inquiry that incorporate representations of inquiry grounded in curriculum. By providing short narratives on inquiry lessons of selected curricular areas, the library can promote reflection among new teachers, help new teachers link theory with practice, and provide concrete examples of how to teach using inquiry through modeling.
    Context of Use:
    The inquiry library is part of the CASES project which provides curricular materials and reflection tools for new elementary science teachers. Users can search the images of inquiry library to find examples, in narrative form, of teachers using inquiry methods to teach science subjects.
    Field-based Evidence:
    Before the addition of the images of inquiry library, preservice teachers in an elementary methods course struggled to apply inquiry methods in their classes. By adding concrete examples to build upon, these teachers would be able to have a better idea of how inquiry can be accomplished.
    Davis, E. A., Smithey, J. & Petish, D. (2004) Designing an Online Learning Environment for New Elementary Science Teachers: Supports for Learning to Teach, University of Michigan.
    Smithey, J., & Davis, E. A. (2004). Preservice elementary science teachers' identity development: Identifying with particular images of inquiry. In Y. B. Kafai, W. A. Sandoval, N. Enyedy, A. S. Nixon & F. Herrera (Eds.), Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of the Learning Sciences, ICLS2004. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc.

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