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  Feature Name: Visual display of information seeking behavior (IMMEX)
Author: Jason Ravitz

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Feature in Visual Map
The IMMEX program presents students with a complex problem to solve and a menu of links to different sorts of informatino. A graphic is created when the student finishes the problem showing the types of information sought by the student. By visually representing the types of information sought by the student and the overall problem-solving strategy IMMEX offers potentially valuable feedback for teachers and students.
Context of Use:
Students are given a computer-generated problem scenario via the Web. They are offered multiple choices of information to view as they try to solve the problem. For example, to solve what happened to the classroom rabbit they are offered information such as DNA evidence and witness reports among others. At the end, a map of the students search path is downloaded as a PDF file. The map is color coded and spatially laid out to represent different possible search paths more clearly.
Field-based Evidence:
The program allows us to show how students with greater knowledge exhibit more efficient problem solving strategies. I do not know if use of IMMEX builds better problem solving compared to other approaches, but it sure seems motivating. In my online class several participants reported extensive trials and a desire to teach about the tool to others.