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  Feature Name: The WISE inquiry map
Author: Linn, Davis, Bell

Category: Visualization Tools (pre-designed), Inquiry Tools

Subject: Others

Kind: Element/Applet

 Elementary School
 Middle School
 High School
 Higher Education
 Teachers & Principals


Software URL: WISE (Web-based Inquiry Science Environment)

Created by: WISE group, UC Berkeley

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This Feature is connected to (3) Principles
  • Communicate the rich diversity of inquiry
  • Establish a generalized inquiry process
  • Model scientific thinking
    Feature in Visual Map
    The inquiry map is a dynamic-graphic guide to WISE projects. Each WISE project includes a banner that graphically represents the steps of the inquiry in the project. This enables students to get an overview of the project, as well as to expand and collapse each project into itís activities and steps.
    The Rationale Behind the Feature (Specific Design Principle):
    The inquiry map is designed to provide an overview of the inquiry process. Thus, students can be more aware of the inquiry process in WISE projects, and get a better feeling to where they are in the project.
    Context of Use:
    This feature is part of the WISE environment. Each WISE project uses this interface using different titles for different activities and steps according to the contents of the project.
    Field-based Evidence:
    Teachers using WISE indicate that students are more independent in learning compared to learning with traditional learning materials. In many cases the inquiry map provides answers to What do I do now? questions, which are very common in traditional teaching.
    Linn, M. C., & Hsi, S., 2000. Computers, Teachers, Peers: Science Learning Partners. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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