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  Feature Name: Heat flow model
Author: Linn, Davis, Bell

Category: NA

Subject: Physical sciences

Kind: Element/Applet

 Elementary School
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 Higher Education
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Software URL: CLP (Computer as Learning Partner)

Created by: WISE group UCB

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This Feature is connected to (2) Principles
  • Build on student ideas
  • Reduce visual complexity to help learners recognize salient information
    Feature in Visual Map
    Heat Bars is used to help students develop a model for the flow of heat energy. All materials conduct heat energy, but the rate the heat flows will vary greatly for different materials. Each material may be placed along the continuum line from good to bad conductor. Those which are placed near the poor conducting end of the continuum are referred to as insulators.
    Context of Use:
    Cognitive Goals: The students continue to develop the heat flow model. Students will also begin to develop a model of conduction. They will observe that different materials conduct heat differently.

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